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24 Form - Lesson 1

24 Posture Taijiquan (24 Form Tai Chi)

Lesson 1 - Introduction

The 24 form was created in 1956 in an effort to make tai chi more accessible to the masses. It was extremely successful and became part of the Chinese National Fitness Program.

Today this routine is taught all over the world in schools, spas, church basements, community recreation centres, hospitals, yoga studios and martial art schools.

Recommended Videos and Books:

For beginners learning the 24 form tai chi or the 32 sword routine, there is no better reference than these books and videos by Grandmaster Shouyu Liang. Grandmaster Liang is the only person that I know of in the world today who has been teaching the 24 form tai chi constantly since it was created in 1956.

Simplified Tai Chi Chuan, by Liang Shou-Yu, is the definitive reference manual for those learning or teaching the 24 form or the 48 form. The book and the video include the 24 posture routine with martial applications, as well as the 48 form. The book also includes some history, philosophy, basic exercises and important principles of alignment and movement.

"Taijiquan: The Art of Nurturing, The Science of Power" by Master Yang Yang, is one of the most important books for any student or teacher of tai chi to have in their library. It presents the theories and principles from both Eastern and Western perspectives, examining mental, physical, and spiritual aspects. The book also gives priceless advice on everything from proper practice methods to finding a good teacher.