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logoThis website is a way to help teachers and students to connect with each other.

You can find a tai chi teacher in your area by looking in the World Tai Chi School Directory. You can also find special tai chi events such as symposiums, workshops, seminars, open houses, and competitions to the event calendar.

If you are a tai chi teacher, you may add your school listing or event free of charge.

Tai chi schools are diverse. No single school is perfect for every student. And no single student is right for every school.

Some schools are small and difficult to find.  Others schools are large, with branches around the world. We hope to help you find what you are looking for.


There are many styles of tai chi, and within each style there are many variations and combinations. With each generation in each school, the focus of the art expands, narrows, deepens, and/or broadens according to local needs and potential.

Tai chi is practised by millions of people around the world. It is the most popular martial art to be practised by non-martial artists. Each person may have his or her own reason for “playing tai chi.” Health, relaxation, balance, therapeutic exercise, mental clarity, sport, meditation, self defence, combat effectiveness, recreation, spiritual discipline…Any one or all of these reasons may be the goals of individual schools.

One school may teach the same exercise to seniors seeking health and relaxation that they teach to teens and young adults seeking combat sport or extreme fitness. There is power in this plurality.


Welcome to the new Tai Chi Central.

This site has seen several changes since 2004. Efforts are ongoing to improve this site and make it as useful as possible to teachers and students of all styles. It is supported primarily by its membership.  It has not been an easy road. But it has been an engaging one.

Event and school listings are moderated by an administrator. School owners and instructors can submit information about events such as seminars, grand openings, celebrations, conferences, competitions etc.